Erie Steakhouse - branding

This project is a concept re-branding of Erie Cafe in Chicago. I eliminated “Café” because for most new customers, the word doesn’t resonate with a steakhouse. I chose a bold typeface with its shape and letter cutouts standing for Erie’s “steak cut all above.” Black and white color represent the old fashioned atmosphere and decor of the steakhouse. The entire brand is about color, layout and typography - the type becomes the brand and the brand becomes the type. My concept represents the possibilities restaurants have today, such as their own wine label or packaging. Many restaurants think if they have a logo, they have a visual brand identity. Certainly, a logo is important, but establishing an effective visual identity requires much more. To be remembered, a visual identity must resonate and connect with customers. They should not only recog¬nize your logo, but in every visual aspect, know who you are and what your brand is all about. With Chicago restaurant numbers increasing, the need for each restaurant to establish a unique and distinctive brand identification is paramount. I strongly believe that a unified and original visual branding can increase restaurant revenue, solidify a presence in the community and build a name that patrons will remember.